Steami part:

Suggested solution for diffusion: Chlorine Dioxide
Concentration: 100ppm

Refill cost: HKD 25 per liter

Diffusion Rate: 100ml per nozzle per hour

Suggested cycle:  4 hours
Effective area :  5000 sqft

CIO2 Disinfection Kit for temi

What is ClO2? It kills not only bacteria but also other pathogens, mold, and fungus yet it is food safe. The US Army Sanitizes Food and Food contact surfaces with ClO2 particularly in battlefield kitchens.


  • You can place any liquid for the ultrasonic diffuser to mistify. Example liquid to use:
    Chlorine Dioxide for disinfection (human present)
    Hydrogen Peroxide for strong disinfection (human absent)
    Aroma liquid for atmospheric olfactory control
    Water for humidifying